We create, design, edit and publish quality print and digital content for tailored audiences at a competitive rate. Our excellent editorial team is made up of some of London’s leading editors, designers and content creators, each of whom has a wealth of experience in consumer and contract publishing. We can create anything to meet your publishing needs, from bespoke coffee table book-style magazines and websites to boutique events tailored to your customers. Whether you wish to elevate your brand's presence within the market or engage with an already loyal audience, our range of packages offers original solutions to suit any brand or business.



Contract publishing

Our bespoke media connects brands with an affluent, discerning audience. By working with you to understand your core values and visions, our team of experts creates tailored solutions to engage with your desired audience in a language and format that they can relate to. From beautiful coffee table books to inspiring marketing brochures, our quality print solutions and contract publishing projects offer brands an invaluable tool to effectively engage with their customer base.

Digital content

We know that creative digital content is at the core of any far-reaching marketing plan. Whether you’re looking for bespoke digital marketing strategies to build your business’ ROI or want to launch a campaign that captures the hearts and minds of your customers, our team has the capabilities to make your brand stand out. We draw on our years of specialised experience to create fully optimised digital marketing content that will actively engage new and existing audiences.

Boutique events

When it comes to hosting events for your brand, we know that having the right customers in the right environment is essential for bringing you a meaningful return. Our expert events team specialises in planning and hosting unique boutique events that connect your brand directly with your target customers. We supply a hand-selected guest list of certified high net worth consumers who are genuinely interested in your market, driving immediate results and long-term engagement.



Our expert team of editors, designers and content creators has a combined 25+ years’ experience in publishing, brand marketing and events. We draw on our background in consumer and contract media to deliver your brand’s message, capture your voice and ensure that you achieve your desired results every time.